About us

Doll Face Boutique was established to allow the owner, Carla Bolotaolo, to bind together her three life passions: the passion for designing clothing, for volunteer work, and for building a meaningful career. Carla discovered her love of clothing design when she would alter store-bought clothes, reinventing these pieces to accentuate her femininity, individuality, and originality.

Based out of Northern California, the Bolotaolo collection is inspired by California modern lifestyle with its casual, elegant and feminine style.

Geared towards making a difference in the lives of people around the world, our goal is to participate and support local charities and other organizations engaged in helping people overcome challenges through increased access to education, childcare, and healthcare.

All products are produce and manufactured in the USA, with our main manufacturers located in San Francisco and Oakland, CA. We support local small businesses and artists. Redefining the importance of artists in the community.


A company by Cardel Enterprises LLC.